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Feed Folks (Concessions)

The Edmonton Folk Music Festival endeavors to provide patrons with and array of food for all tastes – from carnival favourites like mini donuts, to wonderful ethnic food from around the world. We hope to include options for most dietary requirements – with vegetarian and gluten free options available at some vendors on the site

2014 Concession Vendors

Bennett Environmental Education Centre – Beside the Music and Merch tent the Bennet Centre offers packaged snacks and beverages – all proceeds go to the Bennett Centre programs.

Chocolate Covered Bananas – Frozen chocolate-y goodness with a well selected list of sweet toppings.

D’Amore’s Coffee – Serious Italian coffee – hot, iced, strong and creamy –  and snacks.

D’Amore’s Deli – This Italian deli offers an array of spicy and mild grilled sandwiches in addition to fresh cut French fries and cactus cut potato chips. Try the poutine…

Eva Sweet – Now in the main line – get your breakfast on! Their sweet Liege Waffles have taken Edmonton by storm. With fruity and chocolate toppings.

Fantasia Italiana – (Family Area)– Homemade Italian gelati and cappuccino bar complete with biscotti and baked goods plus a pasta bar to help your carb cravings. May we suggest an affogato – a scoop of gelato “drowned” in espresso.

Fat Franks (Beer Garden) – Edmonton’s favourite dogs. ‘Italian’ and ‘Honey Ham’ are the favourites of many carnivores, but don’t forget about their excellent veggie dogs. Either way, load up with sauerkraut, pickles, a variety of mustards and a long list of other condiments.

Filistix (Area 4) – Local ingredients are used to create Filipino inspired plates, like braised pork belly in adobo or gilled chicken with coconut cream and curry sauce. You’ll also find Vegan Lentil Curry, green onion cakes and their Signature Slaw.

Hong Kong Bakery – You’ll find coconut buns, almond cookies and bubble tea in addition to beloved green onion cakes. Oh and did we mention the coconut buns?

Korean Village Restaurant – Bul-go-gi craving? This is your go to.

Lemon Heaven (Stage 5) – Cool off at their lemon shaped tent over by stage 6. Nothing beats fresh, cool lemonade on a warm August afternoon.

Little O’s – Is the festival really complete without mini donuts or an elephant ear? Go on – bathing suit season is almost over.

M&M Ukrainian – Almost like your baba makes – Pyrohy, cabbage rolls, Kielbasa and borscht.

Naanolicious –An extensive array of dishes for all taste buds and dietary needs, a fresh take on street food wrapped in delicious Naan. NaanOLicious promises to fulfill the demand for a healthier yet delicious approach to Indian food.

New Asian Village – Edmonton’s favourite Indian dishes like Butter Chicken and Chana Masala will be served up along with Mango Lassis. Be sure to try the coconut naan – we promise you’ll fall in love.


Numchok Wilai – Pad Thai, veggie spring rolls and a slightly spicy, rich Thai green curry that we’re highly partial to.

The Organic Box (Area 4) Fresh fruit and veggies to keep you feeling healthy. The Organic Box will have fresh fruit including B.C. cherries that you can munch away on right out of the box.

The Onigiri Co. – Short-grain, brown or white rice shaped and filled with savory combos like Yam n’ Salmon, Dilly Tuna and Sesame Veg. Everything is enveloped in a crisp sheet of Nori making it the perfect portable snack.

Original Canadian Kettle Korn (Beer Garden) – There’s a reason we find popcorn kernels all over the hill on Monday morning. This sweet-salty treat is a Festival favourite, perfect for sharing on your tarp.

Padmanadi – Enjoy a taste of Padmanadi’s full vegan menu here at the festival. Curried “Mutton” is our favourite!

The Popcorn Place (Top of the Hill) – Movie theatre popcorn and snacks.

The Punky Potato – Festival fast food – fries both regular and sweet, philly cheese sandwiches and more.

Royal Ice Cream Treats – They’ve got your ice cream needs covered – hard scoop, soft serve, chocolate dipped wonders and beyond.

Sailin’ On (Area 4) –  Edmonton’s popular vegan food truck featuring a delicious menu and, of course, their famous Coconut “bacon”.  Featured in the Top 100 things to eat in Edmonton.

Smokehouse BBQ (Area 4) – Smoky BBQ sandwiches featuring beef, pork and bacon with traditional sides.

Summit Hut (Top of the Hill) – Kicking Horse Coffee is used to create all their espresso based beverages, and they source local, organic pies, scones, cookies and other pastries in case you need a sweet treat on the side. Don’t forget to bring your own coffee vessel for a discount.

Taste of Mongolia – Can’t miss their crispy green onion cakes – they are legendary! You can also find ginger beef, dumplings and chow mein here as well.

Yama2Go – New to the festival: Delicious, quality gourmet solar powered sushi and Asian cuisine.

Sell Crafts

The Edmonton Folk Festival features an artisan tent with a wonderful variety of hand-made items of many descriptions each year. All crafts sold on site are juried for quality and diversity and must be hand-made by the seller.

 2014 Craft Vendors

ArunaMendhi body art, henna tattoos and more. With over 30 years experience in Mendhi body art designs, Aruna excels in traditional and the latest elegant and intricate designs to suit the festival mood.

AVW PhotographyArt pieces inspired by travels far and wide. Victoria Wakefield uses resin, vintage film techniques and a little photoshop to turn images of love, landscape and location into works that encourage us all to slow down and connect with our beginnings. ( )

Barefoot Modiste – Bright and flowy clothing and accessories in vibrant African inspired fabrics. We welcome her back to the festival and I’m sure the hill will be resound with more colour!

Burlap Sac Designs – Delight at the works of locally based designer Kayley Therrien as she combines unexpected treasures with metal and stone to create truly unique adornments for men and women.

Caricatures by Susanne – Don’t miss out on this fun keepsake of the festival. These quirky, fun drawings are a unique record of your folk fest experience you’ll treasure. ( )

Caru Desynz – Caru Desynz is Jody Moore. What is “Caru” ? A sanscrit word meaning beloved, beautiful and pretty – these jewelry creations are each a work of art – statement pieces you will cherish. ( )

Chika Ando Illustration – Simple, cute and just a little twisted. Illustrations that resonate and show that though we are all individuals, we are also not that different once we discuss what you are going through in our lives.   ( )

Dahlia Drive – Dahlia Drive gathers discarded women’s slips and men’s shirts and reworks them with colour, images and textures to create one of a kind fashion for the unique individual.

Dear Pony – Inspired by subtleties found in nature, salvaged objects and contemporary themes, Tracy Fillion experiements with surface design, dyeing and quilting to create her artistic works. ( )

Isis Jewelry – Designer Tracy Brown enjoys working in hammered silver and is inspired by classic methods of construction found in more ancient forms, such as Celtic and Roman designs. Fused circles, textured surfaces and nature’s stones are the basis for this jewelry line. Her silver work is classic, comfortable and lightweight to wear.

Janet Stein Jewelry – Janet Stein creates beautiful jewelry pieces with longevity, quality jewelry that is timeless and will last for generations. ( )

Jason Blower Illustration – When describing Jason’s style of illustration one would likely arrive at whimsical.  He sees things through a modern perspective, with a mid‑century sensibility, and is enamoured with the design and illustration ideas of this time period, which generally involve a clean, shape‑based movement.  Jason approaches his work from a “sunshine and lollipops” point of view, where everything is fun and happy. ( )

Linda Cameron – Hats and hair ornaments made of hand sculpted, free hand fibre work. Her braided hat creations have been seen on the hill for more than 15 years, this year she also has some funky, fun and fancy hair ornaments.

Little Rock Jewellery Studio – Jewellery art objects from sterling silver, precious and semi-precious stones and found items. ( )

Loden – Each unique piece is 100% Canadian made clothing that is fun, functional and beautiful. Original hand-printed artwork is printed on sustainable fiber garments.

Majesty Handmade Vinyl Accessories – Hand-crafted, well made, functional goods with the consumer at heart. These items are unique, and come from the imagination. You know that feeling you get, when you have found the PERFECT (insert hearts desire here)? And it was just what you were looking for? This is why I spend my time hunched over a sewing machine. Enjoy. ( )

Mama Katz Mosaics – Mama Katz is an earth friendly business owned by Edmonton based artist, Carolyn Fuhr. Carolyn uses items that would otherwise be landfill bound to reate unique mosaic pieces of art. ( )

Marc Simard – Marc Simard hand-makes everything using only his own, original artwork working with recycled, off-cut and scrap leather, fabric and wood. Quality and functionality are the most important elements in the creation of these unusual pieces.

Melonhead Knitwear – Beautiful handspun yarn is used to create wonderful fibre art knitwear – hats, scarves and more wonderful colour and textures. This is also a chance for knitters and other fibre artists to stock up on some fabulous yarns for their own art.

The Mombot Window Art – Vintage and antique window frames with glass and dried local flora. Treasures which include lucky pennies, feathers from above, bottle caps, buttons,rocks and more. ( )

Mumble Tease – A One-lady shirt company featuring silly, smile inducing designs that are silk screened onto a variety of styles of shirts for men, women and children. All creations are made by hand by Calgary based illustrator Heather Reinhardt. (

Nabstudios – Artist Nicole Baxter has been hammering on metal for 25 years. Known for original designs, attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship. Her newest line combines plastic, stone, wood copper and sterling silver. ( )

The Rave ‘N’ Iron – Although there are many physical facets that set the work of THE RAVE ‘N’ IRON apart from other fashion Jewelry and accessory designers, the most noteworthy are the symbolic connections, emotional relationships or sentimental memories their pieces evoke. ( )

Redd Line Jewellery – Truly symbolic expressions of the soul – real jewellery by Redd Line in silver gold and gemstones. ( )

Rimanchik – Accessories with a focus on modern design, Rimanchik uses cuts and distinctive leathers, textiles and hardware combinations to achieve practical and innovative items for all.

Sabrina Butterfly Designs – Satisfy your soul and follow your heart, to discover an array of handmade wonders. Boutique clothing design, all Canadian made. ( )

Shadow Pots – These random one of a kind markings are mesmerizing and captivating.  Making primarily functional pieces, Ruby is now shifting gears to develop sculptural vessels that act as a  canvas to reveal the dance that takes place between the clay, the glaze,  the kiln, and the maker, revealing its intimate workings on the surface of the pot. ( )

Simply Bamboo – Scott is back with his collection of handcrafted bamboo woodwind instruments including: flutes, panpipes, shakuhachis, Irish whistles, didgeridoos and more.

Spoonman – Rings that shine and things that jingle. Handcrafted jewelry and accessories made from silver forks and spoons by the festival’s original “Spoonman” Ray MacNeil.

Twisted Wood Guitars – Specializing in handcrafted Weissenborn style acoustic lap slide guitars and accessories. These instruments are truly works of art.

Urban Forest Design Studio – Beautiful, earthy pottery design that integrates traditional techniques with local materials and modern ideas. Using waste wood as fuel for their kiln lends itself to their endeavor to create beautiful things while leaving as small an environmental footprint as possible.

Whiteout Workshop – Filled with original artwork – all created from or inspired by photographs taken over years of traveling. Hand silk-screened to create a unique and simple impact both as wearable art and as artwork for your home.  ( )

Windy Tree Artisan – This unique jewelry is handcrafted from Arbutus branches that have fallen naturally. The design is then carved individually and freehand with a scroll saw, making each an original piece of art. ( )

Yeonhee’s Jewelry – Ceramic and Japanese glass bead jewelry with an Zen flair. Earthy materials and natural tones make these pieces feel like a piece of nature.

Zam! – Zany… amazing…magical. Powered by the whimsy, love laughter and the sparkle of life. Inspiring creative play with toys, juggling balls, jester hats, wings and more.  Wander by the wonderful world of Zam and play with us.



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