Our Staff and Board

2014 Festival Staff


BACK ROW left to right:

Joel Moore, Matthew Meeker, Valorie Morgan, Stephane Levesque, Terry Wickham, Lorie Miseck, Margaret Crowe, Terry Prince, Katie Sowden, Richard Stuart, Helen Stuart, Kate Blechinger, Kayleigh Wiebe

DOWN IN FRONT left to right:

Tom Picard, Claire Stewart, Glenda Dennis, Vicki Fannon, Marianne Stover



Astrid Bruce, Tanya Corbin, Dennis Franz, Kathy Morin, Shauna Stewart, Matteo Zenari

Contact info is all available here.

2014 EFMF Board

 (Photo to come)


Craig Moses, Bob Meyer, Cam McCormick, Gordon Holt, Chris Martin

Melanie Cheek, Lana Nordlund, Kathy Hogan, Jeritt Bjalek, Peter Guest




For more information about Membership and board governance, visit our Society Membership page.