Our Staff and Board


2015 Festival Staff


2015 Staffphoto 

Left to right:

 BACK ROW Left to Right: Claire Stewart, Joel Moore, Katie Sowden, Kathy Morin, Tom Picard, Matteo Zenari, Stephane Levesque, Terry Wickham, Lorie Miseck, Mike Ford, Lori Scheurwater

FRONT ROW Left to Right: Jessica Kresta, Marianne Stover, Tanya Corbin, Morris Bujarski, Astrid Bruce, Dennis Franz, Virginia Dowdell, Sarah Carlson, Vicki Fannon, Helen Stuart

MISSING: Shauna Stewart, Richard Stuart, Margaret Crowe, Jess Hart

Contact info is all available here.


2015 EFMF Board



 Back row: Cam McCormick, Craig Moses, Brad Odsen, Peter Guest, Kathy Hogan, Melanie Cheek
Front row: Chris Martin, Chelsea Donelon, Gerrit Bjalek


For more information about Membership and board governance, visit our Society Membership page.